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2022 Recap - Yoga for a Change

thank you for making a change with us in 2022 to support the women & children who need it most✨

🙋🏽‍♀️$6,025 in Jan-March for low-income women’s professional reinsertion @daughtersoftomorrow

🏥$1,492 in April for Ukrainian refugees of war @icrc

🧡$10,167 in Apr-June for migrant domestic workers’ education

🎗️$10,126 in July-Sept for children with cancer @lovenils1

🌷$8,350 in Oct-Dec for women in need of counselling @awaresingapore

💦$476 in Dec for children in Cambodia to have access to clear water @mmpowerfoundation

🟰$36,635 donated this year

we couldn’t have done it without the support of everyone who’s joined our sessions, direct donors and corporate partners, @samatasoul, & @nparksbuzz’s beautiful spaces, the charity partners mentioned above, and our dedicated team of yoga for a change volunteers:


🌊see you for our first yoga for a change of 2023 Wed 4 Jan 7pm at MBS with Marian, all proceeds go to Daughters of Tomorrow

wishing you all a new year filled with joy, gratitude and inner peace ♥️

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