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  • Is Yoga for a Change part of a yoga studio?
    No, we are an independent community of yoga teachers offering weekly outdoor yoga classes and monthly gong sessions across Singapore. All teachers are volunteers, which allows us to donate the proceeds from classes to our campaigns for selected local charities.
  • Do I need to pack anything for Yoga for a Change classes?
    Yes, please bring your own mat and we recommend bringing along something to drink, a towel and any supporting tools such as yoga blocks or band if this helps with your range of movement. Depending on location, sunscreen and mosquito repellent can be useful as well.
  • What happens if the weather is not suitable for outdoor yoga?
    For most classes we have sheltered spots nearby to teach during rainy times. In case of heavy rain or lack of sheltered space due to class size, we will inform you at the latest 45-60 minutes before class starts of the cancellation. Please look out for a WhatsApp and/or E-Mail from us. Of course, your ticket will be rescheduled to an upcoming class of your choice, simply reply to the notification, or send us a message via our contact form.
  • What kind of yoga do you teach? Is it suitable for all levels?
    The majority of our classes are taught outdoors (e.g. Marina Bay, Fort Canning, Botanic Gardens & East Coast Park), each teacher has their own style and yoga certification background. We aim to make the practices of yoga accessible to all ages, backgrounds, years of experience, based on hatha / vinyasa flow. Each class is 55-60 minutes long and can accommodate up to 20 students. We also offer monthly Gong Yin (sound relaxation) sessions at SamataSoul, an indoor holistic well-being space in Holland Village. These sessions are 90-minutes long and are open to 10 students maximum. Find out more here. Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice originating in India, with the ultimate goal to “quiet the fluctuation of the mind”, hence supporting your mental as well as physical health. All our classes are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced yogis, thanks to different variations in the key poses and flows. Before starting, we recommend getting a grasp of the basic commands/poses. Feel free to have a look at some online classes we filmed in 2020, available on Youtube - view here.
  • Are your classes suitable pre-/post-natal?
    Each pregnancy is different, as your mobility and energy level can vary, we would only suggest joining our classes if you feel well and your physician recommends you to do so. For specific prenatal and postpartum practices, we recommend attending our Friday morning yoga classes at Botanic Gardens which are taught by our prenatal & postpartum trained teachers, Marie & Jaana.
  • Are your classes suitable for children?
    Most classes are entirely booked by adults. For now, we do not offer specific classes for children. Depending on their yoga experience you can of course consider bringing them along. Feel free to pack toys or other activities in case they don't want to follow along for the full class. Also bringing your baby along on a blanket next to you or well trained pets is feasible.
  • What happens if I injure myself during class?
    It is important to us that each student listens to their own body and only practises postures and variations suitable for their range of motion and current health status. Inform our teachers of any injuries or special circumstances before starting class. If you start feeling unwell during class, kindly ask your teacher for assistance. Please note that every student attends Yoga for a Change classes at their own risk, Yoga for a Change is not liable for any injury or loss occurred during class.
  • How can I reserve my spot?
    Simply book your ticket via our website (linked to Eventbrite or other booking platforms) or directly via Eventbrite. You can reserve and pay securely for your spot.
  • What type of tickets do you offer – do you also offer memberships?
    We offer single tickets (SGD 18.00 per person) and group tickets (SGD 16.00 per person), subject to availability for each class. Eventbrite charges a transaction fee of approx. SGD 2.00 on top of the ticket price. Ticket price proceeds are donated in full to the campaign active during the time of purchase. We do not have a membership offering yet. Of course, we’d love to find a way to honour our regulars and at the same time secure donations (more long term) for our charities – we are working on a viable solution. In the meantime, we believe in full flexibility for you and your schedule by booking your classes one at the time.
  • I can’t attend a yoga class I booked, how can I rebook?
    Please login to your Eventbrite account on web browser (not phone app) and via the account icon choose menu “Tickets” – click on the date you wish to change, on the top right next to the ticket name (e.g. ticket for one) please use the button “transfer” – change Event – choose new date. You should receive a rebooking confirmation shortly.
  • How do you ensure that the proceeds are received by the designated charity?
    The income generated via ticket sales are accounted for and subsequently donated. For transparency we donate proceeds via to ensure our community and beneficiaries can track our progress towards our fundraising goal. We support four charities per year - one per quarter, and define a fundraising goal based on the number of classes, private/corporate events planned, and the active Yoga for a Change student community. More often than not, thanks to this amazing community we hit or exceed our target in the desired time!
  • How do you cover the administrative costs of Yoga for a Change?
    Thanks to the great team of volunteer teachers and community supporters, the cost of teaching our weekly classes is minimal. Therefore, we donate all proceeds from ticket sales towards the current campaign. This has and always will be at the heart of our mission. Due to the growing community a website has become necessary. Thanks to private and corporate classes we can declare in these separate engagements with full transparency which part of said private/corporate donations will contribute directly to the campaign and which minor percentage will go towards running the website and cover administrative cost.
  • What kind of entity is Yoga for a Change and where is it based?
    Yoga for a Change is an ACRA registered entity (Sole Proprietorship) incorporated in Singapore in 2021 and operating as a social enterprise. We ensure diligent accounting records based on our ticket sales and corporate income generated. After all income has been accounted for, donations are made to the ongoing campaign(s) via All payments received and made are in Singapore Dollars.
  • Do you teach private or corporate events as well?
    Yes, we are happy to tailor a yoga class, sound relaxation, meditation or curated experience specifically for your private or corporate event, find out more here or send us a message. In 2022, we have partnered with major MNCs for private and corporate sessions.
  • Can I join as a volunteer teacher?
    For now all spots are filled by motivated teachers. Nevertheless, we would love to hear from you to take note of your interest in joining and supporting our cause. Send us a message via the contact form.

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